Main Menu in the App

To open the main menu in the mobile app, tap on the green or red (depending on your status) round button in the bottom left (for Android) or the bottom right corner of the screen (for iOS).

Here you can change your presence statuslog out of your Omnivoice account, view your Account information or manage your Settings.

You can also send feedback about a problem you encountered to our support team.

Changing your presence status

You can change your presence status to Available or Do Not Disturb in your mobile app. All incoming calls will be handled according to your Answering rules.

Logging out

You can log out of your Omnivoice account by tapping the logout icon in the upper right corner of the main menu.

Viewing your account information

Go to the Account section to see information about your current plan and its price, the next billing date, and your refill minutes balance. You can also refill your balance (used for international calling and calls over the talk minutes limit) in the app.

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