Getting Calls in the App

Receiving calls

To receive incoming calls, you must activate the mobile app. This can be done when you first log in to the app or later in the Settings Receiving calls in the app, or on the web (My Profile My Forwarding Numbers).

You can also configure how you want to receive calls:

  • whether you'd like the calls to be forwarded to your mobile app first or not;
  • how long should the call try to reach you in the app;
  • if the calls should ring to the mobile app at the same time with other call forwarding options or one by one.

Please don't set up the incoming calls to ring simultaneously to the mobile app and a cell phone number on the same device: as soon as you pick up either of them, the call will get dropped!

We recommend enabling an extra call forwarding option in addition to the mobile app, If your network is unstable, to avoid going into DnD.

Listening to voicemails and call records

Go to the Journal section and tap on the call/voicemail in the list. You can listen to a voicemail/call record, download it or share in the social networks by sending the recording to a selected contact.

To view the transcription of the received voicemail on iOS, tap on the word Transcription and swipe up to expand the text.

Blocking unwanted calls

If you do not want to receive calls from certain numbers, select a call from the list in the Journal, tap on the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen and select the Block number option from the menu.

If you're using the iOS app, you can also swipe the call record in the Journal to the left and select the Block number option.

The number will be sent to the Block list applied to your call flow. If there are no Block lists, the first one will be created for all currently existing call flows.

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