Messaging in the App

To enable text messaging on your Omnivoice account, please contact our support team via email or chat.

Messaging in the App

You can send and receive SMS & MMS with both for 10-digit local, and toll-free phone numbers with Omnivoice (local numbers require A2P 10DLC registration, while toll-free numbers require additional verification).

A single message includes up to 160 characters in the GSM encoding. You can send larger texts in several parts.

You can browse all messages (both sent and received) at the Journal Messages section.

Sending and receiving messages

To send a new message, tap on the message icon in the Journal, in the upper left corner of the screen. You can enter your recipient’s number manually or look it up in your phone address book. Enter your text and tap the message icon. Your message will be sent!

To reply with a message, swipe left the call/voicemail/text, tap on the three dots (for Android) or swipe to the left (for iOS) and tap on the message icon. You also send a message from the call/voicemail/message screen.

Sending and receiving MMS

MMS stands for Multimedia Messaging Service. If you send a message with an attached file, like an image, a video, or a document, you’re sending an MMS.

In the Message tab, you can create a new MMS by adding an attachment with the plus button next to the text field.

Once you selected the files, you can add text and send the message. Please note, you can only send up to 10 attachments in one message. Just like with texts, MMS will appear under the Messages tab in your Journal.

Unlike archived files, the images and docs will have a preview option. From here, you can download the file by clicking on three dots and choosing Download. The files will be downloaded to the device storage.

Deleting messages

Long press a single SMS/MMS message in the thread, you will see a pop-up with three options:

  • Add a note
  • Copy message
  • Delete message

Blocking unwanted messages

If you do not want to receive texts from certain numbers, try sending STOP in response: they will have to unsubscribe your number from further messages.

Please note that you can't send texts to short codes (short numbers). To unsubscribe from unwanted messages coming from short numbers, please contact our support team.

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