Journal in the App

To enable text messaging on your Omnivoice account, please contact our support team via email or chat.

The Journal in the app lists the calling and messaging activities on your Omnivoice account in the chronological order. You can switch between Calls Voicemails Messages tabs on Android (or select several of them) and Calls & Voicemails / Messages on iOS.

You can filter the information in the Journal:

  • by date: the history for the past day, 7 days or for the whole time*;
  • by request type: open/resolved*;
  • by agents;
  • by the call type: inbound/outbound/voicemail, connected/accepted, unanswered.

*Also applied to messages.

Swipe any record to the left to make an outgoing call or text the contact/phone number, or listen to a call/voicemail recording. You can also view the contact or report a problem with a specific call.

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